Non Riservato took its first steps in 2012.
From the simple idea of thinking of a “different Milan”, today NR is a substantial network, a challenging project for the city and for those who live in it. It is a project that involves a lot of people who, together, started exploring infinite possibilities with the same ethos.
Since 2012, things have changed: new ideas were developed and added to the first ones, but the mission of NR stays the same.
The following 2015 manifesto, marks the development and the continuity of its path.


MANIFESTO #2 – 2015

Non Riservato is a productive network with a vocation for collaboration with non-profit organisations, cooperatives, experts and enterprises, that use creativity as a tool for urban and social transformation.


Non Riservato makes, organises, builds and communicates cultural, creative, sportive, social and aggregative projects in public spaces.


Non Riservato has a bottom-up policy and believes in promoting creativity through collaboration and synergy among its members and supporters. NR tries to change the perception of the public space by transforming it into an Arena of Creativity.


Non Riservato considers public spaces, particularly open-air areas, as places of reproduction of collective dimension of urban living.
Furthermore, public spaces link private and public dimensions; it’s a place of casual meet ups, a place where different entities meet and can compare themselves; it’s a common good that the community should take care of and it’s a place of participatory project planning, a driving force for the creation of one or more communities.


Non Riservato‘s interventions are everywhere in the city, from the centre to peripheral areas and the suburbs with the aim of transforming the perception of busy or isolated roads, historical place, Parks and residential areas.


Non Riservato believes in equal rights and opportunities, but loves diversity. It promotes socialization and the experience of unusual and unexpected situations: NR believes that the combination of different elements can lead to extraordinary and unforeseen results and experiences.


Non Riservato takes its aims very seriously. Nevertheless, it considers playfulness and creativity as essential tools to spread a different lifestyle, which consists of cooperation, sharing, sustainability, socialization and a subjective, not homologated idea of beauty.


Non Riservato believes that collaboration between various entities with the same aims, could bring enrichment in terms of capacities, opportunities, ideas, success, which together are more than the sum of the single elements that build the network.


Non Riservato loves to build things and hates to waste – therefore it promotes self – construction and the creative re-use of waste materials. This is the reason why, NR wants to use recycled and recyclable materials, reducing waste and pollution in every activity and stage of work.


Non Riservato loves open air and green spaces. For this reason, it promotes and welcomes projects of creation and restoration of green areas. To preserve open spaces and panoramic views, NR supports the restoration of abandoned buildings.


Non Riservato is always aware of what happens in the world, but focuses on a cultural and social local development. NR addresses a mixed audience, which consists of people of all ages, origins and jobs – no matter if they are citizens, city users or tourists. Also small and medium enterprises contribute in order to build a varied urban image – that’s the reason why the network makes an effort to find its suppliers on the local market.


Non Riservato believes in the value of work and thinks that labour should be fairly paid. It’s an experiment of economic sustainability that supports the professionalization of partners through processes of formation, using their capacities in the different projects. The aim is to develop and exchange new skill, to research new opportunities for national and international developments, to promote trade and confront private and public partners, to spread the activities of the network and the specific competences of the single partners on the internet and in the territory.


Why Non Riservato? Because we don’t like lists, homologations, code words, exclusivity, competition and places with admission policy. We prefer open spaces, unexpected meetings and happenings. We prefer to meet people, learn, teach, play, eat, draw, cultivate, creating moments together in a place, a garden, a yard, in town.

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