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Non Riservato designs projects and products for the public spaces. Thanks to the different skills and capacities of the members of the different organisations, the network is able to offer many cultural projects: training courses, events, artistic interventions and territorial projects.

• Training courses
These are led by qualified professionals and are designed for whoever is planning to develop their knowledge with new tools and concepts on cultural project management and design.
Meal & Speeches was a cycle of conferences; Six Thinking Hats was a participatory project.

• Events
NR plans many events in the public spaces of Milan.
NR is in charge of each stage of the realisation of a project, from the design to the authorisations, from the organisation to the communication.
Pixel Picnic is one of the events in the public spaces.
Follimpiadi and Coincidenze were two of our leisure activities.

• Art interventions
Non Riservato can count on the collaboration of the artists of the network to create installations and make exhibitions in the public space, such as Borderlight (a site-specific installation) and the exhibition Traceurs.

• Territorial projects
Non Riservato designs and produces actions and projects that meet the need of the territory in an innovative and sustainable way.
SCIAMI was one of our experiential tours to discover the territory.

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