MiNi: a cultural and innovative project between Non Riservato and Urban Gorillas

MiNi is an international project created by Non Riservato and Urban Gorillas, two organizations who share the same ideas of making events and initiatives for giving value to urban spaces with creativity and the citizens’ collaboration.

Non Riservato and the Urban Gorillas are among the winners of Tandem Europe, an international cultural programme for people who work on creative solutions that make social innovation possible throughout the EU. The partnership was born in Sofia, (as you can read in our Tandem story), then it was developed in Lisbon and it will be launched in Milan and Nicosia.

MiNi is not only a real residency project, in Milan first and Nicosia after, but also a virtual residency about urban regeneration and development of the innovation potentials of urban spaces.

MiNi is going to make its first appearance during Pixel Picnic by Non Riservato. After that there will be some meetings around the city and then will take place on the occasion of 20 Maggio senza muri, a demonstration against racism.

At the end of June, Non Riservato will ride towards Cyprus to join Urban Gorillas at the Kaymakli Community Festival, which has the attempt to create a common space for individuals and groups aiming for political, social and cultural intervention. We will presents our projects Urban Blog of the artist Sophie Usunier, curated by ArtCityLab; Conchiglia of the artist Mirko Canesi, curated by Progetto Città Ideale and Borderlight made by Collettivo Borderlight, with the artists Simona Da Pozzo and Nicola Ciancio.

The residence is going on in a virtual way, trying to make connection between places, communities and people, with the support of new digital technologies. In that way, artists and communities from different countries will be connected.

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